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Rampless is an Australian family-owned business. It is built on an engineering foundation, drawing on decades of experience in service and retail.


Jeff Levin, Director at Rampless says : “Our changing social landscape means that whereas in the past, help was always at hand, we now need to do much, on our own. Two of our greatest challenges are often the cost of land and labour.”  

We are often asked : Who are your customers ?


If we look at moving heavy items, even though some of us are well built when it comes to physical strength, the truth is, that in time, we break down.


Our best tools for dealing with physical exertion are wheels and machines.


At Rampless, we started off by asking :
“What if we don’t have exceptional strength and help is not at hand, how can we transport items too heavy to carry?”
                    ...Ground Loading Technology was the answer.

Put simply, “Heavy items are rolled or wheeled onto a lift at ground level, raised with the help of a winch and driven to their destination.”


In 2013, we set out to design a machine to do this and the “Rampless RL 750” was born.
A lightweight machine in the form of a trailer that could easily be handled by 1 person.


Since then, Rampless have identified a company, namely,
2M SporTrailers, also a family owned business that has been manufacturing ground loading machines since 1997. The “Rampless Lazy-Lowder” is now with us. It exceeds Australian Standards for construction and finish, drawing on the benefit of 21 years of engineering excellence and thousands of Lazy-Lowders that have already been built.


To keep Lazy-Lowder affordable, it is sold from the warehouse. This means, you are not having to pay for expensive showrooms or “car-yard” staff.


Contact is either by phone or through the Rampless website.

For further information in this regard, please feel free to call us

About us ...

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