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Purchasing Information

What is the investment amount for a LAZY-LOWDER Double Bike trailer?

The LAZY-LOWDER model LL08 "Double Bike Trailer is
AUD $ 4 980 + GST  or $5 478 ex-Sydney, NSW

What if I don't want a spare wheel or the motorcycle bits?

The basic trailer without accessories is AUD $4 480 + GST or AUD $4 928

Here is a Price List

Where do I order?

Click on the cart. It is linked to an Informal Quote with Terms and Conditions etc.
A form with the relevant information is attached. Either use the form or provide the information per email via the contact form on the home page.

Feel free, off course to pick up the phone. 

Is Finance available?

If you prefer not to deal with the banks,
there is a friendly, family brokerage in
West Sydney, you may wish to call. 


How do I secure a trailer?

When stock is immediately available, a AUD $250 commitment deposit will enable to allocate a trailer to you. The transaction can be made via bank transfer or credit card. A receipt will be issued same day as the amount appears in our account.


Are there any special incentives to buy a LAZY-LOWDER?

The LAZY-LOWDER market value is actually around $8000.
A sizeable discount is offered on repeat orders


What is the availability? Ex-stock limited quantity, next container in production 
The aim is to always have trailers ex-stock or on-the-water.

What are the settlement terms ?

Trailers should be paid for in full 1 week before delivery. The pre-delivery service can then be performed and preparations made, for transfer of the vehicle to the name you have chosen.

Does the trailer have a warranty? 
Off course all goods sold in Australia are covered by commercial laws. offers a 1 year conditional warranty as standard.


Can I tow or have my unlicensed trailer towed ?

A UVP (Unregistered Vehicle Permit) must be acquired from the Road Authority in the State where the trailer is located. They will require :

a) The VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) found on the invoice or delivery note.
b) NSW RMS (Roads and Maritime Services) requires Form 1019 and Form 1245 to be completed

c) Driver's License

d) Fee $32 at time of writing

e) RMS Trailer Specs 

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