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Design Questions

Why 2M SporTrailerS?

LAZY-LOWDER ® and 2M SporTrailerS ® are acclaimed registered tradenames.
Established in in South Africa in 1997, this family owned business is recognized for innovation and quality. endorses the fact that 2M SporTrailerS take pride in the quality and delivery of their products. If we simply handed our design out to be manufactured off-shore, we could never be certain that the manufacturer had our customer's interest at heart and that the trailers would actually arrive in optimal condition. Every trailer produced, represents the 2M brand.

Do you have a Single Bike Trailer

The factory does manufacture a compact trailer, however these have not yet been launched in Australia. 

What's the difference between a Rampless trailer vs a standard trailer? trailers are designed to transport cargo (typically motorcyclessafely and efficiently over long distances.  Rampless is both a lifting machines and a carrier.

Consumer trailers are generally designed for lowest cost and construction simplicity.
Under demanding towing conditions and in the event of a mishap, budget trailers often fail resulting in personal harm and damage to the cargo. As with cars, trailers are built to different safety standards.


Does the trailer ever scrape the ground?This would be highly unusual. However, underneath the towball where  the towing vehicle articulates with the trailer may  scrape the ground under certain circumstances.

What is the gap between the tail lights?

The dimension of the loading platform between the tail lights is 138cm

Does supply an enclosed trailer?

At this stage, are focused on light weight trailers that can be towed by almost any car or ute and that can be operated by almost anyone all on their own.

Why are trailers not glavanized?
Galvanizing is a coating referred to as a sacrificial layer. It rusts very slowly turning from shiny silver to a deep matt grey before reaching the steel below.  

At we want you to feel proud of your bike and for it to look good on the trailer.
Our thoughts are that while "galvanizing" is great for gardening and farm equipment, we wouldn't consider it for our car or tractor.


Do the trailers come in any other colours?
Dark Metallic grey is standard. Custom colours can be ordered, usually without an extra charge.

However this may push back delivery.

Note : Rampless trailers can be supplied galvanized or in special colours by special order

Whereas the LAZY-LOWDER frame is constructed from RHS steel, metal tabs are provided to accommodate bolts and the ends are sealed to prevent water entering.

When you arrive with a Rampless ground loading trailer, people will notice! 



Historically, many locally supplied trailers have been made from poor quality and used parts. Typically these parts will be galvanized or covered in a thick paint coating and sold as new. (Check this by simply inpecting the tyres, look for sprayed-over welds at your local trailer yard and move on from there.)
There's a saying "Rust never sleeps"


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