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This page reflects feedback from users. Most feedback is verbal but some of the written comment, is recorded here

Customer Care - Quick Feedback Survey. 8 March 2018


Company Performance (Rate 1 - 10)                  __10

Accessible as needed                                        __10
Courteous                                                            __10

Met expectations                                                __10
Suggestions how we can improve


Trailer Performance                                             __10

Received in Good condition                                __10

Operates as expected                                          __10

Satisfaction level                                                   __10

Would you recommend LAZY-LOWDER
to your friends                                                        __yes



"Hello i spoke to Jeff on many occasions about the rampless trailer he was able to answer all my dumb questions he also he went out of his way to find the best price on shipping the rampless trailer to me i could not be more happy with the service he gave me now about the trailer it is one of the best products i have ever purchased it is beautifully made and tows perfectly behind my old ute  thanks again Jeff

regards Robert .

Well know Australian motorcycling magazine editor


"Hi Jeff

It was great to meet you. (at International Festival of Speed)

I love your trailer.

From my own experience getting bikes in and off trailers can be a nightmare.

Most riders that use a trailer will have their own disaster stories."

Australian Road Rider - Jan 2016


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