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took place at SYDNEY MOTORSPORT PARK raising over $200k for Paralympic development and for children with disability. A great entertainment-packed day for the family.
Supported by the Police and Military as well as many distinguished charities including M.A.R.I. which assists in the rehabilitation of motorcycle accident victims.


NEW GL1000 - 1 tonner does more

20191208_092252 lr.jpg
20191208_092145 lr.jpg
20191208_132848 lr.jpg
Yard GL1000a.jpg
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Plenty of Style in South Australia


Whyalla SA.jpg

Striving for perfection and Improving each day

Tima Wakefield 2019a.jpg

Moving more than motorcycles - loading made easy


Dubbo - Babes Time to Shine

Dubbo Line up.jpg

Beyond the pale

A pic just received from a user ( Age 59+ ) 

" Bet you haven't seen this one. A 2500 ltr water tank, one man job."

Jacked the tank at one end, backed trailer in lowered position then slid tank onto the platform.  As said, one man job and could not believe how easy it was." 
"Will send another pic later this morn."


Thank you - we love receiving pics like this!

water tank  just saying.jpg

More mobility for everyone


Off course, there is good news or as they say, light at the end of the tunnel. Those who value their independence can boost their confidence with a lightweight, ground loading trailer. Single-handedly, they can pop their bikes onto a trailer and up-and-go, anytime they choose.


Here’s the thing. Because these trailers are fitted with a lift, bikes are loaded on-the-level. There are no ramps, nor lifting or pushing and very little risk of dropping the bike and causing bodily harm.


Ground loading is such a great idea and it’s not new. However, affordable trailers of this type, have just not been available to motorcyclists in Australia before.


Here's the bottom line. One does not need to be big and strong to transport bikes. Lightweight ground loaders allow almost everyone to move half a ton of stuff, all on their own.


Now, dedicated bikers just get on with it, moving their bikes to where the action is, where the tribe hang out and where there is excitement to be had.


How good is that?


By courtesy Jeff Levin -

Dedicated bikers are more than a little crazy about riding. Still, when the suspension is too hard or when they are not as fit as they used to be, reeling in the road can be quite a challenge.


Sadly too, there’s often something a lot more sinister at play. A serious “off”, surgery or a disability is bound to put a dampener on things. To add to these woes, without assistance, a sense of confinement sets in and there’s a dull resignation from being cut off from the crowd.


prosthetic 2.jpg

Italian bike collector  joins the Rampless family

A prominent Ducati enthusiast, needed to move his 8 Ducati's to national bike meetings, rallies etc. And, after weighing up all the options, decided that a new ground loader made perfect sense. He liked the Rampless Lazy-Lowder for its design and the quality of workmanship. 

The trailer is likely to be shared with a local bike shop that specializes in heritage motorcycles. This was the second trailer in a month to be taken up by classic bike workshops.

ducati collector.jpg


Rampless makes inroads

down south

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motorcycle council NSW & M.A.R.I.

motorcycle awareness month 2018

A group of intrepid riders set out in the rain this Sunday to raise awareness of motorcycling. The event, arranged by the Motorcycle Council of NSW was addressed by the member for Hornsby, Mr Matt Kean MP.
M.A.R.I. (Motorcycle Accident Rehabilitation 
Initiative) together with DR Wings, a charity that helps victims of motorcycle mishaps lead the way. The ride left from Thornleigh,NSW and ended at stunning Kariong near Gosford.

Rampless salutes the organizers for their outstanding work.

support mari.jpg

Distinguished Gentleman's Ride - Sydney

Thanks to all for today's Distinguished Gentleman's Ride that took place in bright sunshine in Sydney. 
Bikes, Riders and officials appeared at their super-shiny best. And although the mood was jovial, the cause is a pretty serious one, including awareness of prostate cancer, male suicide and depression. Part of the Mouvember Appeal, the DGR aims to put a smile on people's faces, while presenting motorcycling in a positive light

Ingenuity aplenty - interesting mod

This resourceful user in VIC wanted a convenient way to move his Lazy-Lowder by hand and engineered a handle that doubles as a bracket for his toolbox. At Rampless, we applaud creative thinking and love the fact that the powder-coated result was fitted without drilling a single hole.


Obo Obi Motorcycle Show

          - Sunshine Coast 2018

maq logo.jpg

Big crowds and a festive atmosphere at this years Obi Obi bike show and Motorcycle Accessories Queensland were there, promoting their quality product range.
The Rampless Lazy-Lowder double bike motorcycle trailer attracted quite a number of expressions of interest. It's a safe and easy way to load even the heaviest motorcycle,

all by yourself. 
If you are in Queensland and are keen to find out more, please contact

Bruce Gaskin.        
+61 434 708 011     

obi logo.JPG


Rampless Lazy-Lowder at the track

Thank you to MotoDNA for including a short clip of jd racing unloading their bikes on race day. Notice too at 20 sec the 3 person operation unloading using ramps. (Click pic for video link)
Bega Promo.jpg

The Bega Valley Motorcycle Expo 2018

Set in the historic showgrounds of Bega NSW, the annual event

took place in warm winter sunshine.

The friendly atmosphere was laid back and family orientated,  as 

riders arrived at the "Show 'n Shine" with an array of much loved 

classics and cruisers.

Action demonstrations kept the crowd entertained. Speedway

drifting, V8 motorcycle off-road drag racing, ATV and desert-ready,

4 - wheelers flying through the air, were the order of the day.

Enthusiasts poured over the displays and the trade stores could be seen doing their stuff.

Rampless as always attracted an inquisitive audience and quite a number added the Lazy-Lowder

to their "must have" list.


Preventable Back Injuries

“It’s not necessary to reinvent the wheel, merely to use it! “                                     July 2018


Often people prefer to keep their aches and pains private. Appearing vulnerable, could cause themto lose face and jeopardize any chance of getting ahead or finding “the girl” or “boy.”


From being active in the
“engine room”,  you see many succumb
to preventable back injuries. Each day,
normally healthy folk queue for the
physio or the chiropractor suffering 
(Repetitive Strain Injuries) and other strains
through over-exertion and by incorrectly lifting
items that were far too heavy in the
first place.


As an engineer, the answer seems
obvious. “It’s not necessary to
reinvent the wheel, merely to use
it! “


Instead of lifting loads, believing you’ll be fine, perhaps you should think of your back.
Fetch the trolley, get the ground loader, use the power of the machine
to move the load. .


It’s similar to convincing yourself to switch on the light on the way to the bathroom at night.
Your brain tells you, “you can do it!”, but your toes are in a state of fright.



Sooner or later, most
motorcycle tragics discover
back strain. Instead of doing 
your back, be smart, reach for
“ground loading technology”.
You'll be pleasantly surprised 
how easy it is, to move things
safely on your own.


This short video will show how ground loaders can help you.

Rampless pleases the ladies, the boys too..

Female riders, like their male counterparts, really relish the freedom of powerful motorcycles. The thrill of the track and the open road is hard to beat. Traffic and stop-start riding... mmm, not so much. It’s often dangerous and frankly, no fun at all.


Late last year, along came the Lazy-Lowder from and now the girls are off to remote getaways as well as the track. The Lazy-Lowder is a carrier and mechanical lift in one. So, girls can safely load their bikes on their own. The operation, is Ride-on, Roll-off, without the normal stress or heavy lifting.

So, the way it works is, you use a hand winch to wind the cargo-platform down to the ground, where loading is a piece of cake. Then, after securing the motorcycle, you wind it back up again, ready for transit and off you go.


Though we love having the ladies around, it’s always great to see them doing the things they love.

Rampless at the Race Track

Introduced into Australia late last year, Rampless Lazy-Lowder motorcycle trailers can now
be seen at racetracks around the country.


The concept of "ground loading" is not new but until recently, has been largely unaffordable for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Rampless is really a lifting machine as well as a carrier. So, young and old, male and female are able to move heavy loads on their own.

The way it works, is that the cargo platform is lowered to the ground, where loading is relatively effortless. Once the load is secured, the platform is easily winched back into place for transit.

"Our mission from the start has been to help empower a whole range of people. It's so exciting seeing this come to fruition" says Jeff Levin of

Look out for Lazy-Lowders, a fascinating example of engineering improving lives.

For more info : Jeff Levin on or call +61 405 353 621

Video :

Track mods include Jerry Can holder, extra eyes for tie-downs  (welded threads provided), toolbox, fixings for paddock stands and spare rims etc

"If I can't pack up in under 10 minutes, I'm not trying" -  jd racing

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