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If you find yourself loading and unloading utes or trailers, you’re in for a pleasant surprise.


Forget about lifting loads...just wheel, ride or roll your cargo onto a loading platform that lowers to the ground. This counts for machines, bikes, ATV’s, trolleys, drums, kegs and almost anything with wheels. In fact, because the trailer is flat, you may often just slide the load onto the platform all on your own.


In under a minute, the geared hand-winch will effortlessly raise the load, to prepare for transit.

At work or on the farm you can perform many jobs on your own that normally need a forklift, multiple staff and special equipment.


As standard, the Australian made GL1000 boasts a spacious thick aluminium deck with a bracket-mounted spare wheel. For motorcyclists, a removable front wheel chock is fitted. (3 optional)


Also included is a 50mm ball coupling fitted with a hydraulic override braking system, a jockey-wheel and stainless steel braked-winch.  Removable Laser-cut tie-downs provide fixing points for accessories such as a stone/splash guard, cage, etc.


The thick steel frame promises both longevity and confidence. Additionally, 14" steel rims are fitted with truck tyres to increase ground clearance while safeguarding you on the road.

The Rampless GL1000 will change the way you do things and offer independence and efficiency, as you have never seen.


The price ex-Sydney is $7 925 incl GST (excl ORC*)

Please feel free to contact us by calling +61 405 353 621 or click "send message" below if you have any concerns and would like to discuss further.


Delivery is typically 4-6 weeks depending on the manufacturing cycle. Every effort will be made to offer a short term loan unit once paid for in full.


At we have experience of shipping all around Australia. Let us help in making this real for you.

*ORC = "on-road costs" such as local fees, taxes and rego

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