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What is the investment amount for a 2M Double Bike trailer?

The 2M LAZY-LOWDER model LL08 "Double Bike Trailer is
AUD $ 4 527.27 + GST  or $4 980 ex-Sydney, NSW

Where do I order?

Supply your details  Name, Mobile and email address by
° filling in the website form  ° emailing ° SMS ° Call +61 405 353 621
You will receive a quote with bank details.

How do I secure a trailer?

When stock is not immediately available, a AUD $1200 commitment deposit will enable to allocate a trailer to you.
A receipt will be issued same day as the amount appears in our account.


Are there any special incentives to buy a LAZY-LOWDER?

The LAZY-LOWDER market value is actually around $8000.
In addition the following accessories are included at no charge
3 wheel chocks and channels AUD $450
1 Spare wheel and lockable bracket value AUD $300
Ambassador Cash Back Incentives for sales referrals range  from
AUD $100 - AUD $500 per trailer  


What is the availability? Ex-stock limited quantity, next container in production 
The aim is to always have trailers ex-stock or on-the-water.

What are the settlement terms ?

Trailers should be paid for in full 1 week before delivery. The pre-delivery service can then be performed and preparations made, for transfer of the vehicle to the name you have chosen.

Does the trailer have a warranty? 
Off course all goods sold in Australia are covered by commercial laws. offers a 1 year conditional warranty as standard.


Can I tow or have my unlicensed trailer towed ?

A UVP (Unregistered Vehicle Permit) must be acquired from the Road Authority in the State where the trailer is located. They will require :

a) The VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) found on the invoice or delivery note.
b) NSW RMS (Roads and Maritime Services) requires Form 1019 and Form 1245 to be completed

c) Driver's License

d) Fee $32 at time of writing

e) RMS Trailer Specs 


What's so special about a Rampless trailer?

Rampless trailers give their users the independence to move heavy loads , safely and quickly, all on their own. The principle of wheel-on, roll-off means one does not need strength to move loads over 20kg which is the recommended maximum for manual lifting.

Why would I use a bike trailer ? I like to ride!

  1. Transporting bikes to the track

  2. Transporting Bikes to remote events, so you arrive fresh and safe.

  3. Transporting unlicenced or unroadworthy bikes.

  4. Transporting brand new bikes or vintage bikes to avoid unnecessary wear.

  5. Transporting demonstrators with 1 staff member

  6. Bike rescue in event of punctures, breakdown or mishaps. 

  7. Rescue for bike shops, clubs or business

  8. Transporting the bike for service or repair while having a 2nd vehicle for the rest of the day. ( Getting yourself home or work)

  9. Transporting a bike behind a motorhome for shopping and exploration.

  10. Carrying extra bike kit. (Fuel tyres etc)

  11. Carrying extra gear, increasing capacity for Tents, toys, clothes, food, chairs, gas, grog  etc

  12. Circumventing unsuitable roads (dirt for sports bikes or tarmac for off-roaders)

  13. Base and performance riding. “Cherry picking” where you can ride twisties without fatigue, unnecessary gear or a loaded suspension.

  14. Beginning the ride in a new location allows you to explore new roads and find more places.

  15. On expeditions, you have the option not to ride, if you are injured or unwell.

  16. Avoiding extreme weather - too hot, cold, ice or storms.

  17. Extending daylight riding hours, setting out before 1st light, returning after dark

  18. Taking company to a destination and still being able to ride
     eg Family holidays,business trips etc

  19. Extending the riding age of senior riders and people carrying injuries.

  20. Women can transport bikes on their own.

  21. Point-to-point activities - Leaving the bike or a towing vehicle at a destination
               eg : hiking, kayaking, cross-country etc

  22. Accessing a crowded locations, like a MotoGP, Beach etc by offloading passengers and parking the towing-vehicle a km or 3  away.

  23. Transporting cargo and machinery other than bikes.

Can I use a Rampless trailer other than for bikes?

Off-course, any cargo that fits the platform area with wheels large enough to mount the platform, is perfect. Lawnmowers, plant equipment and furniture are first to come to mind.

The LAZY-LOWDER LL08 is large enough to take a pallet load weighing up to 500kg.

Why 2M SporTrailerS?

LAZY-LOWDER ® and 2M SporTrailerS ® are acclaimed registered tradenames.
Established in in South Africa in 1997, this family owned business is recognized for innovation and quality. endorses the fact that 2M SporTrailerS take pride in the quality and delivery of their products. If we simply had our design, manufactured off-shore, we could never be certain that the manufacturer had our customer's interest at heart and that the trailers actually arrive in optimal condition. Every trailer produced, represents the 2M brand.

Does the trailer ever scrape the ground?
This would be highly unusual. However, underneath the towball where  the towing vehicle articulates with the trailer may  scrape the ground under certain circumstances.

What's the difference between a rampless trailer vs a standard trailer? trailers are machines engineered to lift, lower and transport their cargo,
typically motorcycles over long distances.  They have a platform lift and a system of levers  designed for safety and efficiency.

Consumer trailers are generally designed for lowest cost and construction simplicity.
Under demanding towing conditions and in the event of a mishap, budget trailers often fail resulting in personal harm and damage to the cargo. As with cars, trailers are built to different safety standards.


Does supply an enclosed trailer?

At this stage, are focused on light weight trailers that can be towed by almost any car or ute and that can be operated by almost anyone all on their own.

Why are trailers not glavanized?
Galvanizing is a coating referred to as a sacrificial layer. It rusts very slowly turning from shiny silver to a deep matt grey before reaching the steel below.  

At we want you to feel proud of your bike and for it to look good on the trailer.
Our thoughts are that while "galvanizing" is great for gardening and farm equipment, we wouldn't consider it for our car or tractor.


Do the trailers come in any other colours?
Dark Metallic grey is standard. Custom colours can be ordered, usually without an extra charge.

However this may push back delivery.

Note : Rampless trailers can be supplied galvanized or in special colours by special order

Whereas the LAZY-LOWDER frame is constructed from RHS steel, metal tabs are provided to accommodate bolts and the ends are sealed to prevent water entering.

When you arrive with a Rampless ground loading trailer, people will notice! 



Historically, many locally supplied trailers have been made from poor quality and used parts. Typically these parts will be galvanized or covered in a thick paint coating and sold as new. (Check this by simply inpecting the tyres, look for sprayed-over welds at your local trailer yard and move on from there.)
There's a saying "Rust never sleeps"



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