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What's the difference ?


     Ground Loading

The average trailer is essentially a cart, whereas a Lazy-Lowder has a lifting machine that is integrated into a carrier. The aim is that you can quickly and safely load and off-load, all on your own.


Furthermore, a Lazy-Lowder does not have the lip or break-over point found at the top of ramps that snag the underside of the load. It’s Wheel-on, Roll-off.


"Quickest, Safest and most reliable way to move bikes on you own."


      Design and Build Features

  1. Aluminium Platform and tough powder coating for long lasting service.

  2. Engineering quality, high visibility, reflective markings make the Lazy-Lowder easy to spot even in the dark.

  3. The load bearing frame is end-sealed to keep water out.

  4. All load bearing areas are generously gusseted and reinforced to withstand rough conditions.

  5. The proprietary axle design is reinforced to way exceed load specification.

  6. Instead of holes, the frame has special tabs with welded threads to accept stainless steel bolts, thereby reducing the likelihood of oxidation weakening the structure. Replacing these bolts provides endless opportunities for re-configuring to suit your purpose.

  7. Space has been allocated for Toolboxes, Gas, water storage with ample welded threads to attach fixings.

  8. The German coupling is pressed rather than cast. This modern design is stronger than legacy couplings and won’t crack when knocked. The coupling action is also more positive, reducing the risk of an improper connection, that may result in the trailer breaking away.

  9. The winch is braked to prevent the handle spinning out of control, under load.
    Yachting rope provides ample strength and is unlikely to cause injury as with wire rope.
    It can easily be replaced should it become necessary.

  10. The winch can be configured to haul the load onto the trailer by disconnecting the pulley guide.

  11. The Jockey wheel is lightweight and has a special home bracket for stowing while traveling.

  12. Wiring is housed in a welded metal sheath so as to protect it from snagging or being pinched. Because it  not routed through the frame, holes in the frame are not required. So, the structure is not weakened with entry and exit holes that may allow water to enter..

  13. Ample tie down points are easy to configure to suit particular applications.

  14. Heavy duty bolt-on, wheel-guards are designed to take body weight and won’t buckle.

  15. When loading, the trailer is braked in the down position making wheel-chocks unnecessary.

  16. The spare wheel is supported by the trailer preventing metal fatigue of the lockable bracket provided.

  17. Truck lights are non-LED to make it compatible with most towing vehicles and minimizing electrical faults caused by bad contact.They remain bright with age.

  18. Large tri-angular reflectors increase visibility

    Motorcycle Specific Features

  19. Proprietary front wheel chocks are Laser cut for maximum precision and strength  .
    - They are easily removable and can be re-positioned forward or aft without the need to drill. This affords    extra flexibility to balance the trailer, according to the motorcycle being carried.
    - The front wheel cradle is adjustable to suit the different wheel sizes, with no need for tools.
    - The front wheel cradle is fitted with firm, noise reducing, foam pads.
    - Laser cut holes provide extra tie-down points

  20. Removable Rear wheel channels are provided to limit the lateral forces on the tie-downs when travelling. The motorcycle is held firmly in place and does not require the straps to be as tight.

  21. When towing a single motorcycle, the straps self-tighten when raising the platform.


At Rampless we believe in ground-loading and are proud to be able to draw on  over 21 years experience in the field through our principals 2M SporTrailers


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