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Rampless at the Race Track

July 2018

Introduced into Australia late last year, Rampless Lazy-Lowder motorcycle trailers can now
be seen at racetracks around the country.


The concept of "ground loading" is not new but until recently, has been largely unaffordable for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Rampless is really a lifting machine as well as a carrier. So, young and old, male and female are able to move heavy loads on their own.

The way it works, is that the cargo platform is lowered to the ground, where loading is relatively effortless. Once the load is secured, the platform is easily winched back into place for transit.

"Our mission from the start has been to help empower a whole range of people. It's so exciting seeing this come to fruition" says Jeff Levin of

Look out for Lazy-Lowders, a fascinating example of engineering improving lives.

For more info : Jeff Levin on or call +61 405 353 621

Video :

Track mods include Jerry Can holder, extra eyes for tie-downs  (welded threads provided), toolbox, fixings for paddock stands and spare rims.

"If I can't pack up in under 10 minutes, I'm not trying" -  jd racing

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