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Who use  Rampless trailers ?

Unsurprisingly, ground loading trailers are used by quite a diverse group of enthusiasts. For many, the primary motivation is confidence and independence.

Once users understand the versatility of the carrier, they come up with all sorts of new ideas of how Rampless can work for them.

In no particular order, adopters include ...

cement mixer.jpg
Utility movers including 
mowers, machines,
gym equipment and stuff
Regional Riders headed for
the mountains and avoiding dirt roads
Handicapped riders with injuries, prosthetics or in post-op recovery
RV Expeditions
City folk including women escaping the traffic looking for twisties the open country 
Workshop, Hire & Recovery 
Adventure riders support or saving tyres for the trail
Families, clubs & groups
having fun
Track riders and other unroadworthy vehicles
 Collectors of new and heritage bikes

Imagination knows no bounds!

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